Welcome to Eclipse RCP MP3 Manager

This is an Eclipse RCP demo application to showcase many of the Eclipse RCP features. Intentionally I did not focus on business logic, that's why I chose a very simple application, a little MP3 Manager. Another purpose of this application is that new Eclipse RCP developers can take a look at some example implementation of common use cases. I hope to improve the code base over time so that many best Eclipse practices are used. Please support me and file bugs :). Here is a (probably incomplete) list of features:

  • New: Java WebStart support (launcher see below)
  • New: New target platform Eclipse 3.7.0
  • New: Integrated Tycho (0.12.0) build!
    • To run the Tycho build, install Maven 3 and run "mvn clean install" in project com.siemens.ct.mp3m.tycho.parent
  • New: 3.7.0 compliant headless p2-enabled build
  • New: 3.7.0 target definition project
  • Minimum execution environment is now Java 5
  • MP3 Song "Another Chance" included (composed, played and mixed by myself :)
  • Better project/feature structure
  • Using latest p2 for self updating (including p2.inf with touchpoint instructions)
  • Databinding + validation + decoration
  • Product Branding & Feature Brandings
    • Custom Splash Screen
    • Blue and Orange colored demo brandings
    • Images/Icons and About Dialog
  • Internationalization English/German
    • Dynamic language change (English and German)
  • New Look & Feel using the Presentation API
    • Loose coupling of views and editors
  • Tree views, table views and a virtual tree and table views
    • Regular Label & Content Provider
    • Using an adapter factory
  • Multi-page ID3 tag editor with databinding
  • Use of Commands & Handlers
  • Property tester
  • Property view support
  • Local help system using the Jetty stack
  • A wizard to rename album names
  • Using  NSIS as native installer
  • A cheat sheet
if you like MP3M, please flattr it:


Kai Tödter


  • The current version is compatible to Eclipse 3.7.0



Subversion Access


  • The Win32 binary (zip and installer, including demo song) and the sources created during the last successful nightly build you find  here.
  • The Win32 and Linux binaries (now also with demo song) created during the last successful Tycho nightly build you find  here.


  • You can WebStart the current build. But a few restrictions apply:
    • p2 does not work together with WebStart
    • Restarting the client due to language switch does not work
    • No demo song included


Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.